Barbour County Emergency Squad

Rob Jones is the director of the Barbour County Emergency Squad. Their group runs the county ambulance service. They respond to about 3,000 calls per year, emergency and non-emergency, from car wrecks and structure fires to patient transport.

“We serve three-quarters of Barbour County,” Jones says, “all except the southern corner with Belington.” They are a private, nonprofit contracted by the County Commission with 35 paid staff, 24-hour coverage, and daily trips out of county to Clarksburg, St. Joe’s, Grafton City, and Davis Memorial.

“We operate on patient collections, donations, fundraisers, including the holiday celebrity auction and Christmas trees. Door-to-door is our biggest fundraiser…it also gives new staff a chance to learn the back roads of this rural county.”

“Initially we read about Barbour County Community Foundation (BCCF) grants in the local newspaper, had to be 501 (c)(3) and if I’m not mistaken, every year that we’ve applied for the grant, we’ve received the grant.”

In 2017, BCCF granted money for a state required photo ID system. In 2016, the grant paid for one of the three Life Pack Cardiac Monitors they purchased. In 2014, they received $1,000 to help pay for secure boxes for narcotics in ambulances.

In addition, a recent donor left a legacy endowment with BCCF to support Emergency Squad. This is a gift in the form of an endowed fund. The principal money is invested by the foundation. The EMS squad can then request annual grants from the interest on the fund.

“Every day is different,” Jones explains. “You have no idea what you will encounter on any given day. It’s beyond rewarding. You meet all walks of life.. It’s a very interesting job.”